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We have separate factories for table, chair, and cabinet production so that we maintain product quality levels.  Our skilled workers specialize in a single product line, whether it be chairs, tables or cabinets to ensure consistency from item to item.  As our exacting customers will attest, we work at getting it right every time.

Even though most of the exacting work on our furniture requires and depends on manual work, we search the world for machinery  that allows us to maintain our quality.

Our factories can ship up to 20 jumbo (40 foot) containers per month to far flung places in the world: to America, Europe and Asia.

To take a short  pictorial tour of our factories [using small pictures], please click the button on the left that says "Short Tour".

To take the full  pictorial tour of our factories, please click the "Full Tour" button on the left. Please note, however, that there are quite a few pictures on that page which will slow the downloading process.


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