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Factory tour

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Because there are a number of photographs on this page, it will take one or two minutes to download.

A front view of one of our factories. This factory is located in Jepara, a small town on the north coast of Central Java. Jepara is often called the "furniture capital" of Indonesia. During the last decade Jepara's economy has boomed due to increased furniture production for export. We are pleased to be part of the local indigenous business group  bringing much needed jobs to rural communities.

Workers are getting ready to empty the kiln. Kiln-drying extracts moisture from wood. The process reduces weight, stabilizes the wood to match actual moisture content it will assume during its service life, and increases lumber strength. Drying also prevents shrinking, twisting and cracking.

Sawing operations.

More sawing.

Planing operation.

Pieces are carefully pieced and glued together under hydraulic pressure. Teak dowels are added to keep joints together. Teak dowels also expand to strengthen joints over time.

Assembly. Our attention to detail is clearly evident; just look at the close spacing of chair seat and back slats, and the carefully chamfered and sanded surfaces. All this extra work creates smooth, comfortable, and durable pieces.

Another view of our assembly operation.

Product is ready for the stain or paint facility.

All items receive a final sanding by hand for a final finish prior to staining or painting. Small imperfections are repaired at this stage.


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