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Frequently Asked Questions

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bulletWhere does your timber come from

Our furniture is made from the highest quality kiln-dried Indonesian plantation teak and acacia wood, sourced from government managed forests. We buy our timber from plantations which were established by the Dutch in the 19th century. Realizing the need for a renewable resource, these plantations are carefully managed by the Indonesian government. The government allows the harvest of a limited number of trees each year, carefully balanced with an equal amount of reforestation.  We mill the timber at our own lumber mill at the factory in Jepara, Java. To see images of our lumber mill click on the underlined words.


bulletHow can we distribute your product

If you are interested in becoming an agent or distributor for our product line in a geographical location where we are currently not represented, please contact us to explore a potential distribution or agency arrangement.  

bulletHow do we order from you

The best way to contact us is through email.  Tell us what you're interested in and we will respond to your inquiry.  For our terms and conditions, please go to the Terms And Conditions page or [click here].

bulletHow do you ship

We ship in full containers using the most cost-effective means available to us.  [Click here ] for the estimated cost of a container from Semarang to your city.

bulletWhat is teak

Teak, also known by its botanical name Tectona grandis, is a timber species that primarily grows in tropical environments. For a more complete discussion on teak please [click here].

bulletWhat is acacia

Acacia (Acacia mangium) falls under the category of light hardwood. It is native to Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The tree is one of the major fast growing species used in plantation forestry programs throughout Asia and the Pacific. Due to its rapid growth and tolerance of very poor soils, acacia has an increasingly important role in governmental efforts to sustain the commercial supply of tree products while reducing pressure on natural forest ecosystems.

bulletWhat is rattan


Rattan is a "vine" which comes from a climbing palm called Calamus, also known as  the rattan palm. Rattan grows in the tropics. Rattan is environmentally friendly and biodegradable: it attaches itself to trees and saves them from the logger's ax by providing equal or more benefit than the companion tree, without disturbing the natural habitat.

Ecologically, rattan is very important. It grows in degraded forests and in marginal soil. It can also be introduced artificially in natural forests without disturbing the existing structure and balance. For a more complete discussion on rattan please [click here].


bulletWhere are your factories


We have four wood furniture factories.  Our factories are located in Central Java near the town of Jepara which is a small town near the city of Semarang.  If you are interested in visiting our sites we will be pleased to make the arrangements.  This trip is typically an overnight journey from Jakarta.

Our rattan factories are located in the city of Cirebon which is about a four hours drive from our main office in Jakarta. Cirebon is often called the rattan city because it has the greatest concentration of rattan manufacturers.


bulletWhat is the foreign exchange rate today

  Online, real time foreign currency conversion: click here [foreign_exchg.htm]. Brought to you by Xenon Laboratories, Inc. through their Universal Currency Converter.
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