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The lumber mill is operational. Below is a photo of inventoried teak logs available for cutting. As a matter of policy the company is implementing a program to exclusively utilize wood that comes from forests managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Each row of logs is called an "alley." We know exactly how many of what type logs are in an alley at any time. The logs you see here are teak. Our Director in charge of finance has suggested that we place them in a vault at a Swiss bank! She must be trying to tell us something. Please read about our foray into acacia wood furniture to reduce cost.

Logs are placed in the cutting vice. Shown is a partially cut log. Sections are cut off by a band saw. The sections take the form of rough planks.
In cartoon form this is basically how it works.
A rough plank being cut off and separated from the log. 
The cuts are randomly checked with calipers for cutting consistency.

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