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Acacia plantations contribute greatly to the ability to conserve the natural forest. Plantation acacia grows rapidly and reduces natural forest harvesting.


Inpro Yasa Furniture has expanded into acacia wood furniture production.

Teak is a beautiful wood, long used in the manufacture of exquisite furniture and, of course, quality yachts. Teak, however, is very expensive. Most of us want the look and quality of teak furniture but cannot afford it.

For a number of years Inpro Yasa Furniture has been looking for a viable alternative. We wanted wood that had the look, weight and hardness of teak at a substantially reduced cost. We found it in acacia (Acacia Mangium). Acacia is a tree species in Asia and the Pacific. This fast growing species has been adopted in many countries as an option for a sustainable supply of tree products to reduce pressure on natural forests. Because it grows very rapidly, acacia is relatively inexpensive; its lumber costs about 40% of the cost of teak. Of course there has to be a catch, right?

Acacia has a high moisture content which made it difficult to work with in producing quality furniture. This being the 21st century, however, we put our local and foreign experts to work on the problem. The solution was to install new and more efficient kilns. As you know, kiln drying extracts moisture from wood. The process reduces weight, stabilizes the wood to match the actual moisture content it will assume during its service life, and increases lumber strength. Drying also prevents shrinking, twisting and cracking. We invested heavily in new kiln technology and equipment. And, it paid off! The result is that we can now produce furniture that has the look and feel of teak at half the cost. Acacia wood furniture take a look at it, you will be amazed.


Some people want to hang our work on the wall and call it art...
We call them doors, and they're on our new Borobudur line.

We have created a new made-to-order line of fine furniture containing relief carvings on the doors or side panels. These carvings are done by expert artists and can be scenes from antiquity, the middle ages or even avant garde impressionists. Contact us with your requirements.  [Click here |Borobudur| for a larger image.]

entertain1.jpg (7412 bytes) TV Stand & entertainment table top cabinet.  This beautiful teak entertainment center features 2-raised panel doors and 1-VCR or DVD compartment.
halltbl.jpg (11457 bytes) Hall table with wicker drawer.
table.jpg (10160 bytes) Dining table with inlaid decorative aluminum strips.

ashnew.jpg (12270 bytes)

Dining chair with aluminum wire lattice decoration.
wayang300.jpg (29827 bytes) Dining set from the Java Collection. Cabinets are decorated with wayang woodcuts.

bamboomir.jpg (5914 bytes)

Bamboo mirror.
computer.jpg (11936 bytes) Computer armoires and cabinets are becoming increasingly popular as more consumers decide to add a home office that they can hide.  These stylish cabinets provide storage to accommodate personal computers, printers, CDs, files, and more. Perfect for the guest bedroom or the den, these items are available in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and finishes.
dinbanana.jpg (14622 bytes) Dining set made from reinforced banana leaves. Legs on the dining chair are solid teak.
Tea.jpg (12792 bytes) Combination tea display cabinet and stand.

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