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Who we are —

Inpro Yasa Indonesia PT is a teak, acacia wood and rattan furniture manufacturing business that is small enough to know that the customer is king -- our customer service record proves that; yet,

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We are large enough to have the most current machinery and manufacturing processes, including our own saw mill and kiln dryers; and we are close enough to our  furniture making skills to demand consistent quality from our factory output.



While we operate factories for mass production we are also artisans who can produce specialty furniture as evidenced by the piece to the right. 


Some of our customers want to hang our work on the wall and call it art...
We call them doors and they're on our new |Borobudur| line.

We have separate factories for table, chair, and cabinet production so that we maintain product quality levels.  Our factories specialize in a single product line, whether it be chairs, tables or cabinets to ensure consistency from item to item.  As our very exacting customers will attest, we work at getting it right every time.

Quality is of prime importance in our furniture business and an explanation of who we are would not be complete without a discussion on this subject.  Please [click here] or the Quality link on the upper left for a discussion of our view and approach to quality.

For our Terms and Conditions, please click the Terms link on the left.

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